Family Car Key Rack Hanging Organizer Kit #1 With 6 Animal Clip On Key Rings New


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Family Car Key Rack Organizer Kit Set #1 With 6 Clip On Key Rings with animal figures. Wooden key rack available with brown or oak color finish. Set #1 includes the following-animal key chains:Panda Bear, Frog, Lion, Elephant, Cat and a Monkey each holding an American flag.

Key rack is 8.5 inches long x 1 inch high x 1.5 inches deep

We created this key organizer kit to solve a problem that we had. Our family has several cars, and we were always trading cars for one reason or another. Mom had to use Suzy's car while hers was in the shop, etc. Keeping up with the keys for multiple cars was very frustrating. Usually, someone would forget to give the key back to the car owner and problems would arise every morning when it was time to leave the house.

Now, we keep the extra car key for each car on this rack, and when someone needs to trade cars, they just grab the key for that car, clip it on their key ring and go. No need to remove the key for your car from your key ring. When you return home, just un-clip the key and return it to the rack.

Each key is identified by a cute animal key chain. It's an easy, fun way to organize your car keys. Perfect for a family with multiple cars.

The plastic animal figures are Patriot Buddies and each one has an American flag. The are are around 1 inch tall.

This kit includes:

  • One hanging wall mount Spectrum key rack made of wood with 4 silver tone pegs. Mounting hardware is included. Your choice of brown or oak color finish

  • Six silver tone clip on key chains with key holder split ring and clip. Each key chain will have a different plastic animal figure attached.

  • You will receive exactly what is shown in photo

Each key ring includes clip to allow quick switching from one key ring to another.

Instructions for use:

Mounts to wall with 2 screws

  • Hang the key rack on the wall in a convenient place using included hardware and a screwdriver. It may be best to find a wall stud to install on

  • Assign an animal to each family members car and attach key to key ring

  • Hang the key and use when trading cars

  • The hardest part will be remembering which animal belongs to which car!

We assembled this kit in the USA with parts made in China. We hope it helps your family keep track of your car keys. It really helped us!