Yarn Mystery Box-1.5 Pounds of Yarn -Free Shipping-No Wool Project Pack

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SKU: MYST-PROJ-1.5-NO-Wool Yarn Nut

Yarn Mystery Box-Free Shipping within the continental United States! This yarn mystery box includes a selection of approximately 24 ounces of yarn that may include 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and higher weight yarns that do not contain wool. 

1.5 pounds of yarn equals seven 3.5 oz. skeins or fourteen 1.76 oz. skeins or a mixture of skein sizes to make the weight,

Project Pack-This yarn mystery box contains two or more types of yarn, minimum 2 skeins of each type or 1 skein each of coordinating yarns in different colors. Suitable for making small projects.

Each box is around 1.5 pounds of yarn. 

1.5 pounds of yarn equals seven 3.5 oz. skeins or fourteen 1.76 oz. skeins or a mixture of skein sizes to make the weight,

Yarn thicknesses will vary. The number of skeins in each mystery box will vary depending on the weight of the yarn included. Combinations are made to make each box weigh about 1.5 pounds.

These no wool yarn mystery boxes can include acrylic, cotton, bamboo, nylon, polyamide and more.

All Mystery Box sales are final and cannot be returned. 

**Please note yarn will be selected at random. Purchasing more than one box may result in duplicate yarns. If you order more than one box of the same mystery yarn, the boxes may be packaged together in one box. Let us know if this won't work for you for some reason.

Great way to sample Ice Yarns and yarns carried by Hobium Yarns such as YarnArt, Kartopu Flora, Etrofil Baby Can, Lion Brand, Premier, Red Heart and more.

Yarns chosen at random.

Since this is a Mystery Box, the product photos shown here are representative of the items we have in stock right now. Yarns are chose at random. You may or may not get any of the yarns seen in these photos. But isn't that what makes it fun! If you order more than one box, you may or may not receive duplicate yarns.

Some yarn are currently available and some are discontinued. Some do have identifying labels.

This is a great way to try out some yarn you may not have used before.

We do not guarantee that any of the information on these yarn labels is correct, although we have tried to make sure each item is correctly labeled and to remove all obviously incorrect label. We cannot guarantee that any of these yarns are still available or that we will be able to get more of the same yarn. Although if you ask, we can take a look and see if we have, or can locate more of the item you need. Yarn mystery box or box, still great yarns.


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