Baby Yarn Mystery Box Sampler - Free Shipping-Pack of 6 Skeins

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SKU: BOX-SAMP-Baby 6 Yarn Nut Yarn Store

Baby Yarn Mystery Box with Free Shipping within the Continental United States.

This Baby Yarn Mystery Box includes an assortment of 6 yarn skeins in various sizes and will include randomly selected yarns by Ice Yarns, YarnArt, Hobium Yarns, Lion Brand, Red Heart, YarnArt, Premier, Darice and more. The skeins will be assorted sizes, colors and thicknesses chosen at random. This yarn sample box will NOT contain Wool or other animal fibers.

All Mystery Box sales are final and cannot be returned. 

**Please note yarn will be selected at random. Purchasing more than one box may or may not result in duplicate yarns. If you order more than one box of the same mystery yarn, the boxes may be packaged together in one box. Let us know if this won't work for you for some reason.

This pack will NOT contain enough yarn to make a project, unless the project can be made with one skein, or you combine skeins. This is a sampler pack that will allow you to compare baby yarns and test yarns to see if you like them, although some yarn may be discontinued and no longer available.

Since this is a Mystery Box, the product photos shown here are representative of the items we have in stock right now. You may receive different yarns, colors, yarn thicknesses than shown in photo. But isn't that what makes it fun! All guaranteed to be top quality yarns.

This is a great way to try out yarns you may not have used before. Or to knit or crochet scrap blankets or small projects. We get many questions about what different yarns are like, if they are soft, etc.

If you order two or more boxes, you may receive duplicate yarns or the boxes may contain different yarns.

We do not guarantee that any of these yarns will be available in the future or that we will be able to get more of the same yarn. Although if you ask, we can take a look and see if we have, or can locate more of the yarn you need.