Ice Yarn Mystery Bag



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Ice Yarn Mystery Bags. Random assortment of Ice Yarns available in Small One Pound Mystery Bags or Large Two Pound Mystery Bags. These are brand new, undamaged skeins of Ice Yarns. Some have the yarn name listed on the label, but some do not.  You can choose to have your yarn mystery bag contain wool, or not contain wool.

These bags of Ice Yarn will contain a variety of colors, textures, fibers, skein sizes and yarn weights. Each bag will contain 2 or more skeins of one type whenever possible, along with single skeins of other types so you can try out several different kids of yarn.  The number of skeins will vary per bag depending on the weight of the items included. These bags are sold by weight. Please keep in mind that the thicker yarns weigh more so that means less skeins, but same weight.

Some of these are discontinued yarns, some are manufacturer's samples, some are odd balls of current yarns we carry right now.

Since this is a Mystery Bag, the product photos shown here are representative of the items we have in stock right now. You may or may not get any of the yarns seen in these photos. But isn't that what makes it fun!

We do not guarantee that any of the information on these yarn labels is correct, although we have tried to make sure each item is correctly labeled and to remove all obviously incorrect labels.

If a "No Wool" Mystery Bag is purchased, we do not guarantee that your mystery bag will not contain any wool products, but we will do our best to make sure it does not. If you are allergic to wool, please test the item before use.

We do not guarantee that any of these yarns are still available or that we will be able to get more of the same yarn. Although if you ask, we can take a look and see if we have, or can locate more of the item you need.