Granny Dee Thompson Birthday Gift Contribution Gift Card


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Angel J. Pray & Crochet contacted me about doing something special for Granny Dee's Birthday, which is March 21st.

We decided to give everyone the opportunity to contribute to a community gift in the form of a Yarn Nut Gift Card. The will allow Granny Dee to choose the yarn she would like.

When placing your order, please ignore the "No Stock/Pre-Order (approx, 2 weeks)****" message. This is automatic and can't be taken off a single page.

Please put your YouTube user name in the Company Name if you would like that name used on the e-card instead of your Full Name that is needed for payment. You can put a personalized note for Granny Dee in the Notes for Seller box during checkout. I will try to add these messages to the e-card.

You will receive an email or text confirmation of your purchase.

Yarn Nut will combine all the gift cards purchased for Granny Dee into one larger gift card and send it to her on her birthday via email, along with an e-card listing all the contributors names. Everyone who provides their email address will be notified of the final dollar amount collected and when the gift is sent.

Yarn Nut's gift will be free shipping for the order Granny Dee purchases with her gift card.

We have never done this before, so please bear with us and if you have any issues or ideas to make this better, please let me know.

Thanks for participating! Love to you all and thanks to Angel for allowing me to participate in the fun!