Dolphin 14 inch-Easy Crochet Lovey Yarn Kit

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Dolphin Easy Crochet Lovey Yarn Kit. This cute stuffed dolphin makes a great gift!

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Kit includes everything you need to make this item exactly as shown in photo. Free Written Crochet Pattern and all instructions included. Crochet stitches used: Double Crochet and Half Double Crochet (American terminology). I crocheted this lovey blanket using an L (8mm) crochet hook in just a couple of hours. Blanket is about 20" X 20" with elastic band opening for neck. Actual size for you may be slightly different depending on how loose or tightly you crochet.

Kit Includes: One 14 inch stuffed dolphin as shown in photo, 1 skein Ice Yarns Puffy PomPom Yarn, SKU# 674968, White for blanket body, Approximately 32 yards of Ice Yarns Puffy PomPom Yarn Turquoise for Trim, one elastic hair band.

Recommended for 3 years old and up

Zelda from zeldanrj3 created this lovey idea about 3 years ago. Check out her YouTube Channel for her Lovey Patterns: How to Crochet : Zee's Lovey Tutorial with 4 weight yarn Easy Crochet Amigurumi's by Zee