Clearance Mystery Black Chain Spun Yarn - Ice Yarns

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This amigurumi yarn was purchased from Ice Yarns as part of an Amigurumi Mixed Lot. Some of the skeins do not have labels or product information on them. They are all brand new and unused, direct from Ice Yarns. I have identified the unlabeled as best I can but description may not be completely accurate. Photos are actual photos of the yarn.Natural

Looks like Natural Cotton Air Yarn by Ice Yarns but I cannot verify the fiber material. Looks to be either acrylic or cotton or possibly a blend. It is very soft.

Yarn Thickness: 2 Fine: Sport, Baby

Skein/Ball Weight: around 1.76 oz Skein sizes may vary slightly

Recommended Needle Size: 3-4 mm / US 3-6

Yarn Style: Spring - Summer Yarns

Made in Turkey