Clear Zip Close Bags - 2 in. X 2 in. - Pack of 100

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Yarn Nut Yarn Store

Pack of 100 brand new, small, sturdy zip close bags are perfect for securely organizing tiny yet valuable items. These 2 inch x 2 inch, 2 mil thick, clear zip close bags are made of virgin polyethylene and provide a high clarity so its contents are clearly visible. This 2 inch by 2 inch, resealable poly bag features a high quality zipper seal on top. The zip is easy to pull or snap open and pinch shut, protecting its contents and making it ideal for storing and packaging your product. 

Great for packaging small items for retail sale, organizing craft items and more.

I used this brand of bags for storing and packaging stainless steel jewelry and they are very strong with a reliable seal. I did not have an issue with them tearing or the seal failing.